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  • Popular Dress Shirts For Men

    Blue Pinpoint Dress Shirt Custom White Oxford Shirt Pink Egyptian Cotton Dress Shirt
    Blue Pinpoint Dress Shirt White Oxford Dress Shirt Pink Egyptian Cotton Shirt
    Black/Gray Wrinkle Free Checked Purple-Red Broadcloth Shirt Blue/Lt. Blue Striped Dress Shirt
    Black/Grey Checked Shirt Purple/Red Broadcloth Blue/Lt. Blue Striped
    Lemon Yellow Dress Shirt Dark Red Dress Shirt Black Dress Shirt
    Lemon Yellow Broadcloth Dark Red Broadcloth Black Broadcloth
    Blue Pinstripe Shirt Black Striped Dress shirt St. Patrick's Day Shirt
    Blue Pinstripe Shirt Black Striped Shirt Kelly Green Broadcloth

    Custom Options On Tailor Made Shirts

    Below are some of the custom options that you can select on your dress shirts. If you want to see all the custom options we offer online, please click on the "Custom Made Shirts" link above. You decide everything with your shirts, fabric fit and options. As you can see below there are quite a few custom options to choose from. You can go French Cuffs and Soprano Collar, or be more conservative with a Traditional Collar and Round Button Cuffs. As always you decide everything!

      Shirt Collar Options:
      Straight Collar Tab Collar Band Collar Button Down Collar
      #1 Traditional Straight #2 Tab Collar - (w/Tab) #3 Band Collar #4 Button Down
      Pin Collar Straight Pin Collar Round Quarter Spread Collar Half Spread Collar
      #5 Pin Collar - Straight #6 Pin Collar - Round #7 Quarter Spread #8 Half Spread
      Tuxedo Wing Collar Round Collar Inside Button Down Collar Mafia Close Spread Collar
      #9 Wing (Tuxedo) #10 Round Collar #11 Inside Button Down #12 Close Spread Collar
      Shirt Pocket Options:
    Classic Pocket
    Round Pocket
    Round Pocket Flap
      #1 Classic Pocket #2 Round Pocket #3 Round Pocket - Flap  
      Shirt Cuff Options:      
      1 Button Round Cuff 1 Button Angled Cuff 2 Button Square Cuff 2 Button Angled Cuff
      #1 (1) Button Cuff Round #2 (1) Button Cuff Angled #3 (2) Button Cuff Square #4 (2) Button Cuff Angled
      2 Button Round Cuff Square French Cuff Round French Cuff Changeable Cuff
      #5 (2) Button Cuff Round #6 French Cuff Square #7 French Cuff Round #8 Changeable Cuff

    Our Custom Shirts

    You are not going to waste your time here trying to find a shirt that fits, all our shirts are cut to your requirements. Not only are our shirts cut to fit your frame they are also tailored using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship possible. You will not find a better quality dress shirt online in our price range anywhere! Executive Shirts allows you to be a fashion designer creating one-off shirts unique to you. Our bespoke tailors have been creating custom shirts for us for over 15 years, and our customers have told us that the quality of our shirts matches or exceeds that of Nordstrom or Thomas Pink in London. Find out how affordable custom tailored shirts can be. All our shirts are custom made with exceptional quality, fit to your frame, and shipped out to you within just one week, no other company around offers anything close to this level of service, try it for yourself!

    You Decide How To Get The Proper Fit On Your Shirts

    When it comes time or order your dress shirts online, you will decide what sizes you want to use. You can just give us a Standard Dress Shirt size (e.g. 16/35), or you can take actual measurements. If you have a dress shirt that fits you well and you just want to copy the sizes you can, just measure the shirt and give us that information. If you want true custom dress shirts, follow the instructions on how to measure yourself or print out the instructions and go to a tailor and have him take them for you. We can cut your shirts using any of the above, you can even give us a body type so we get a better fit on the shirts.

    Standard Dress Shirt Size Measure Existing Dress Shirt Take Your Custom Measurements
    Use Your Standard Size Measure Existing Dress Shirt Take Your Custom Measurements


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